Renewable energy

Renewable energyScientists have figured out how to charge mobile phones from normal urine.

To charge a dead cell phone in the near future it will be possible to use the toilet. Scientists have figured out how to charge your gadgets from normal urine. Their work is published in the prestigious Journal of Chemical Physics.

To charge a dead cell phone in the near future it will be possible to use the toilet. Scientists have figured out how to charge your gadgets from normal urine. Their work is published in the prestigious Journal of Chemical Physics.
If you have a cell phone is dead, and not near a power charger and then the last source of energy, which you can hope for – own urine. You can use it to charge low-power electrical gadgets and especially mobile phones, set up by British scientists.
Urine and not petrol
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The world’s first working installation of recycling urine into electricity demonstrated Dr. Ioannis Ieropulos of Bristol robotics lab, a specialist in obtaining electricity from non-conventional sources. “One of the sources that keeps on giving, is our own urine. Passing it through a cascade of microbial fuel cells, we have learned to charge the cell phone Samsung. The beauty of this source is that we are not relying on the unpredictable nature of the wind or the sun and recycle waste into energy “, – said Ieropulos about his discovery.
Microbial fuel cells (Microbial Fuel Cells – MFC) – converters that allow recycle organic matter and directly receive electricity from it.
Doing this helps microorganisms similar to that live in the ground or in the human digestive tract.
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When in the anode compartment without oxygen, these microbes detach electrons from the substrate supply and transmit tby-product of the natural life cycle of thesehem to the anode. Thus, the creation of the electromotive force is a microbes. Despite the fact that the development of microbial fuel cells have been conducted for 30 years in this area is protected by numerous patents to industrial applications, such as municipal wastewater treatment plants, it has not yet reached.


Renewable energyThe reason – the difficulty in creating large-scale installations.
Ieropulos invented a battery of 12 MFC, created on the basis of porous ceramics and grouped into three blocks of four parallel-connected elements. The system was connected to a low-power pump is run through a fuel cell urine at 250 microliters per minute. In an article published in the journal Journal of Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (impact factor of more than 3.5, in national magazines this figure is less than 1, in Nature – 38) specifies that the raw materials “were collected from healthy individuals and mixed together before filling the in MFC ».
Instead of nuclear waste
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Experiments have shown that in the absence of an electrical load creates stress urinary battery 3.25 volts, the power of 2.5 milliwatts. To accumulate such a small charge, the urine should chase through three times, then stored in the capacitors is enough power to supply the mobile phone. “The Battery of the microbial fuel cell provides enough power to send SMS, surf the internet and make short calls. Most energy demand calls, so we are working on how to charge phones for a long time, “- said Ieropulos.
In his experiments charged urine phone switched off after four minutes of conversation.
According to the inventors, their technology does not require expensive materials and has the potential for subsequent commercialization. Existing market ceramic cylinders, providing the basis for fuel cells cost about 50 cents, and serve a decade, the cost of the same elements themselves is about $ 1.7.
Scientists believe that the invention, the financing of which was conducted in part by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, will be used in the manufacture of compact toilets and in third world countries – where people live far from the grid. “It’s the world’s first demonstration of the fact that the batteries of mobile phones can be charged from a fuel cell running on urine. Compared with other organic raw urine was an excellent material for direct production of electricity. This opens up many opportunities for waste management in remote areas, “- says the inventor.


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