Automate Your Phone

How to Automate Your Phone for Every Room in the House with NFC Tags

There are certain things you do on your phone every day, like launch navigation when you get in your car or set your alarm when you go to bed. With a few NFC tags and almost no effort, you can automate these processes and never fiddle with your phone again.

This process uses Near Field Communication (NFC), a feature we’ve talked about once before. You’ve probably even seen it in commercials, where people share playlists and perform other actions just by touching their phones together. Those uses haven’t really caught on, but NFC tags will work anywhere—they’re basically tiny stickers, keychains, and other trinkets that perform tasks when you tap them with your phone.

Not all phones have NFC capabilities, but many of them do, including most newer Android phones from manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, and even Google’s Nexus line. Before you continue, Google your phone to see if it has NFC built-in. We’re going to focus on Android phones in this post, but some Windows phones might also have NFC built-in, so you can use this post as inspiration. Sadly, the iPhone currently does not have NFC, so iPhone users are out of luck.