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The fashion photographs of Terence Donovan.

As Terence Donovan’s game-changing fashion photographs are brought together in a book for the first time, Grace Coddington and Robin Muir pay tribute to his enduring influence.

One rainy afternoon, as a star-struck young model at the very beginning of my career, portfolio in hand, I walked into Terence Donovan’s small studio in Yeoman’s Row, a stone’s throw from Harrods.

I had tramped my way all over London, visiting photographer after photographer, ever hopeful. It was 1959. There, sitting at his desk with piles of contact sheets in front of him, was Donovan, a giant of a man with an equally giant presence.

He was a key part of that English movement in fashion photography in the 1960s and, together with Bailey and Duffy, a photographer one simply had to work with if one’s career were to mean anything. He represented everything that was changing in the world of fashion; his eye was altering the way the world perceived women.

Gone was the haughty, stylised lady of the 1950s who led the impossibly glamorous life of the rich and famous. Enter someone young and touchable, someone who was part of the world in which you lived and someone you wanted to be.