Turn On Wi-Fi and Your Ringer at Home.

Let’s say you keep your phone on vibrate when you’re out of the house, and you turn Wi-Fi off to save a bit of battery. This action will turn those features back on when you get home. Create a new task with these actions:

Wireless & Networks > Wifi On/Off > Enable
Sounds & Volume > Sound Profile > Normal

Then, just stick an NFC tag on your front door and you can tap it as you return home.
Silence the Ringer and Set the Alarm at Night

If you’re tired of manually setting the volume and alarm every night, create a new task with these actions:

Sounds & Volume > Sound Profile > Silent
Alarms > Set Alarm > (Whatever Time You Want)

…and throw an NFC tag on your night stand. Every night you can just stick your phone on your night stand to get the desired result.
Launch Maps and Turn On Bluetooth in Your Car

Whenever I get in my car, I turn on Bluetooth and start up the Maps app. With an NFC tag on the dashboard, I can do all this in just a second by using these actions:

Wireless & Networks > Bluetooth On/Off > Enable
Applications & Shortcuts > Open Application > Maps

You can even open specific menus or functions through “App Activities” if your app supports it
Start a Tasker Task

Already got all these functions built into Tasker? You don’t need to waste your time creating them again in NFC Task Launcher. Just create a new task and choose “Tasker Task” as your action. You’ll be able to launch them by tapping your phone to an NFC tag, giving you one more easy trigger for all those great Tasker automations.