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Internet Marketing Services Provider, fishbat, Breaks Down Facebook’s New Mobile Ad Plan

Facebook has announced that it intends to begin adding advertisements into its mobile app. The ads will be shown to certain users based on the other apps they have installed on their phone. The move comes soon after Facebook’s IPO and the cry for increased revenue in order to make the investors happy.
The Wall Street Journal has announced that Facebook plans on instituting a new advertising platform for mobile users. The advertising will be targeted based on data that Facebook will collect about the other apps installed on a user’s phone. Many apps feature the “Facebook Connect” option and this will allow Facebook to easily track what mobile apps a particular user has been using.
Based on the information that Facebook gathers users will see ads for other apps that may interest them. This is different from Facebook’s current ad strategy on the main website, which targets ads based on pages and brands that a user “likes”. This new advertising plan doesn’t require a user to interact with a brand on Facebook at all.
The plan for mobile ads comes soon after Facebook’s IPO and can be a potentially high source of income for the company. Getting a brand’s app installed on a Facebook users phone warrants a higher price than getting a “like” on a brand’s page.
Sida Li, Social Media Director at fishbat, says, “The new mobile advertising plan is something that people have been wondering about for a long time. I know many people who are constantly checking their personal Facebook page on their phones and it was only a matter of time before Facebook cashed-in on this market. I expected it to come sooner, but the IPO left Facebook with no choice but to monetize its mobile users.”
The new plan has also raised privacy concerns and some are calling for Facebook to allow users to opt-out of the mobile ads. Facebook has not yet commented on the issue of privacy when it comes to the new mobile ad platform.

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