Архив метки: Look around

Look around

The big part missing in the Windows Mobile plan is the development community. Compared to iOS and Android the Windows Platform is dead as a door knob as the saying goes. On our development platform we get almost zero Microsoft technology job requests. Take a look around the net and you will find very
little Open Source tools which I would sincerely say is one of the biggest reasons why Windows Mobile has not caught speed. If the Microsoft project is “well funded” then I would try and start up Open Source projects (communities) that incorporate the Microsoft Mobile platform. WEB platforms like CRM, CMS, ECOMMERCE that focus around templates, plugins and cool stuff that encourages Windows Mobile projects to connect to the backends of these WEB platforms. Some other area to consider would be creating physical bricks and mortar tools platforms that focused around Bar Code Scanners, Mobile Card Swipers that plug into Windows Phones and of course adding to existing payment platforms like Stripe and Paypal.

Get the energy moving and surely Windows Mobile will become popular and fun, because these communities are the #1 energy source. When the local handy-man, massage therapist or plumber chooses Windows Mobile it will not be because the the hardware or even the software is cool, it will be because the community is vibrant and to participate will be low cost or free.